Latest classifica​tion _Bentham and hookar: i was start to work in the filed of plant taxonomy and ecology since last four year and during this course of time, i was came to know that there is a name of various species, genera and family were changed. in addition, some of the species and genera were also categorized under the new family or group. so, my confusion is, how can we know that latest changes in the same. is there any online or offline way to know that. is there any book recently published on the classification of angiosperm (according to Bentham and Hookar) let me know.

pls discuss the topic and give your inputs

The latest classification is APG III, published in 2009 and followed in most databases and publications now. You can find most information here:
For knowing the family of a genus simply click the
Enter genus name in search window and enter. You will get list of all species in that genus as also the name of the family. Click family name and you can get list of all genera within that family.
Bentham & Hooker classification is very old with much changes in family names and numbers (202 to around 450 or so), but one can still arrange families according to modern scheme in this system. Most Floras still do it.

I guess in India including BSI (Botanical Survey of India) and many taxonomical authors prefer Bentham and Hooker’s Classification with modern changes which are necessary, its very easy and beneficial in Indian condition.
still APG III is the latest classification,,,
I request you to follow whatever you feel comfortable with.. because there is no rule that one have to follow particular classification, infact many countries have their own classification system..

that’s very important and heartening rule of no rule… my kind- a rule…
goes to the heart of thinking out of a box rule and theory of life… like what Steve Jobs and Bill Gates lead…

now what I want to know is what countries have enough courage to defy the plant list and or the kew or the APG III… would love to add them to my list of courageous things to do…