Lens for Nikon D 5100:

I shall be highly thankfull if you suggest one out of the following options
1.Tamron AF 70-300mm F/4-5.6 Di LD Macro (for Nikon Digital SLR) Lens
3. Any other in range of 10000 Rs

First question is, WHAT IS YOUR PURPOSE?
There is a basic difference between two lenses. Both are tele zoom but Tamron can be used for Macro shots (closeups) whereas Nikkor can be used only for tele zoom. Otherwise both lenses are good at the price. Both have metal mount which is long lasting than the fiber mounts. Body is fiber in both and hence both are light weight but yes, fiber is not long lasting.
In macro mode Tamron will have a minimum distance of around 95cm and zoom from 180 – 300mm, so I expect it will give good closeup. At 95cm distance you can ofcourse make good use of flash during macro
photography which is good.
If I had to choose from these two then I will go for Tamron which is kind of multipurpose lens (both Tele and Macro). But remember I am a Nikon fan so I always bend towards Nikon, no matter whats the reason!!!

I’ve tried Tamaron once……not very satisfied with its result.
Nikon is far better than Tamaron.

I am glad you two agree…
Nikon glass is much superior and working much better…
for botany and close ups… why carry around a heavy 70-300… better to buy a single 100 mm macro Nikon.. get superb pictures all the time… and the 100mm will work as a 133 mm lens so will also double as a short tele and as a portrait lens…
If I were you I would go to flickr and look at pics taken by tamron 70-300 (search in flickr will get you all you want to see) and similar search for 70-300 nikon , and nikon 100 mm macro… etc..
I would also find people who own them or go to store take mycamera and try out the lenses before buying…

Over all I am also in favour of Nikon always, but this particular Tamron lens is good and it is multipurpose which makes it above Nikon 🙂

If you are looking for a closeup only, then buy 60 mm Nikon (ofcourse higher price than 10,000, may be 16000 but its a good lens)
if you are just looking for tele then 70-300mm is a good basic lens.
In camera market, you add money and you get better things!! thats the rule.

Thanks … for detailed advice actually I was looking for both purposes ie tele as well as macro. If Tamron can serve both purposes then i may go for Tamron. Presently my budget is only upto 10000 only. I think this Tamron may provide me better pics than Nikon 18-55 Kit lens which comes default with Nikon D5100

Are you looking for macro functions?
If you have decided to buy Tamron then buy from good shop!! otherwise they may sell you a defected piece.
You may go to Delhi and check Dass Studio at Cannaught Place!!

Yes … initially I was trying to buy this from grey market Karol Bagh

I have used Tamron 72-115 telephoto lens with macro with my Sone alpha. I made use of this for photographing flowering shoots of taller trees, and macro mode (brings closest distance from 1.5 m in normal mode to less than a m in macro mode) for a better closeup of a a flower on a branch which was nearby but not close enough to hold. But frankly I have never used it for last more than an year since I bought 100 mm macro for my Canon 550D. For trees I prefer Panasonic Lumix which gives 20 X zoom with 10 mega pixel lens. I find it very covenient being very small and handy.

These are just personal experiences, not any expert comments.

Thanks Sir for opinion I am also trying for Panasonic FZ 150 with 24x Zoom but this will take time

if your 18-55 kit lens is carefully used and scratched up or has no fungus growing on or inside then you can sell it a few thousand… and add that to your budget of the next lens…
one can always bargain with the shopkeeper… there are many youngsters who will be happy to buy just a nikon body and a cheaper used lens…

Please remember that Panasonic or all the cameras claiming 25x to 36x zoom actually has lesser magnification. Please check the configuration of the lens.
For example a lens 1mm – 36mm is ofcourse 36x zoom, but magnification is just .36x.
20 mm – 720mm has 36x zoom but only 7.2x magnification.
An SLR will always give much better result than a prosumer camera.

Thanks … So I should decide to go for tamron……………as i need both Macro and tele and budget is limited