Unity in diversity: Please give high priority to cordiality:

Ours is a unique group where members from all fields and diverse expertise share a common passion: a love for plants and the love for photography.
Ours is also a unique group in which several non-botanists, to name a few … perhaps know more about plants than many of us. But they are as humble, or perhaps more, that has set a standard for others and created an atmosphere that others love to enjoy interactions in the Group. … is a storehouse of knowledge, and practical experience with plants both within and outside India.
Having said that, the backbone of the group are our experts who spare valuable time from their busy official schedule to identify plants for others, provide useful literature, but they do so (the biggest attraction for the group) without any show of authority. It would be a long list if I name them here, each a renowned authority in his/her field, having published a lot in their respective fields. This is a big asset of our Group, that makes it so unique and has set an benchmark of more than 90 percent identifications. It is a matter of pride for all of us.
While interacting on this group we, however, treat botanists and non-botanists equally. I enjoy the same level of involvement when interacting with … as I do with … I have named them because I had most productive and long interactions with these two, fortunately all ending in useful conclusions, with no egos on either side.
Let us maintain this high level of cordiality, interact, but with mutual respect.
And finally, I for one believe that Indian scientists are not less than any one else. They have proved themselves repeatedly within and outside the country, and let us have faith in ourselves and in our dignity.

I fully agree with … point of view. Actually Indian Scientists have always been underestimated. We do work with limited resources but still sometimes our work is more significant that people working in the rich nations. I happen to meet many scientists from many places other than India and I realised that there have been flaws in their work, at times, but still it goes unnoticed just because they are famous. Sometimes publications are not based on quality but on who is the author.

PLANT NOMENCLATURE IS AN OPINION AND OPINION DIFFERS AMOUNG MORE THAN TWO PEOPLE, SOME TIMES IT DIFFERS IN THE SAME PERSON OVER A PERIOD OF TIME. What we learn is from these opinions and then make our own opinion or just follow what we feel like.
I will give you an example:
Liparis nervosa is an orchid species. It has been kept into 8 different genus from time to time by renowned Orchid experts of the world. This doesnt mean that those persons were not good. It just shows the difference in opinion.
Hence we must respect opinions of all!!!
Respecting others always brings respect to ourselves too.
This group is not just a group but family and I always cherish to be a part of this family.

Many thanks … and … for good thoughts.
These remind all of us to be in peace and harmony.

Indian Scientist are better than other though they work with limited source

proved by our scientist …, at HK
and regarding difference of opinion.. if any…what if we fight? fair fight strengthens relationships!!
and in fact we can fight only with those whom we love, we respect how can we fight third unrelated people
So it will go on and on..
i feel lucky to be member of such lovely group though i do not post regularly bcoz i am lazy
also i get bored to reduce the size of picture and all
but i love watching each post on the group, it is informative 🙂

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