Streptocaulon sylvestre Wight, Contr. Bot. India 65 1834. ;



STREPTOCAULON SYLVESTRE: Attaching a write up on Streptocaulon sylvestre, as appeared on The Telegraph of 2012-2012. I thought all botanists will like to know this piece of information. I got specially interested as Prof A P Das is a friend of mine, who rediscovered the species at the North Bengal University (I was a student of this university during 1968-70).

Thanks … for sharing this interesting information. Its really a great rediscovery by Dr. A.P.Das.

But, it is sad that the threatened plant is still waiting for a proper protection!

I hope the university will take efforts to fence the habitat ASAP and also to mass-multiply the plant and reintroduce them to the original habitat to save the species from threat of extinction.

… thank you, the kolkata edition did not run this. The article is well written and puts the case succinctly and to the point with all the relevant facts properly documented …it is an interesting read untill the last part when sheer adminstrative palliative words are read…
sad state of paper pushing (or not pushing as in this case) …. a little less politics in the administration buildings would help this little plant, I am hoping that this article in newspaper would nudge the files along and its handlers so that the scientist can do their job !!!!
Then it would not be one of the about 150 to 200 species various life forms on this earth that go extinct on this very earth every day …. this is UN stat….. I did not make it up…. anybody interested can google it..I guess.
But then here I am talking to the concerned citizen group, all are sympathetic to the cause…



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Attaching an interesting write up on Streptocaulon sylvestre as appeared in The Telegraph of 01-01-2014.


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