Fern of Ajibarang Limestone: Another fern from Ajibarang limestone area. ID is requested.

That is good old Pteris biaurita, with widely joined pinnule-bases [more correctly pinna-lobe bases] and non-apiculate pinna-lobe apices. So far I myself only found subsp. fornicata commonly in Java – where the costal arches formed by the anastomosing basal pair of veinlets are shallow and long, mostly extending from one pinna-lobe midrib to the next, and not coming up into a tall, more-or-less point just beneath the sinus. I have no idea if our common and widespread subsp. walkeriana is also there. But in this photo I can’t see the venation anyway.

It would need a close up of the underside of a section of a pinna, preferably the second pinna up from the base – then we should be able to see the veins OK. But perhaps now the sender can answer this question himself from the information given? Good luck!



Fern For ID : Jim Corbett,Uttarakhand : 100714 : AK-18 5 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (1).
Fern seen deep inside the moist forest on 20/5/14. 

this is Pteris quadriaurita

This is the abundantly common and widespread lower-mid altitude species, Pteris biaurita. It is impossible though to see which subspecies (cytologically different) as one has to have a close-up photo of the venation between the pinna-lobes and the height and width of the areole.

Thanks to you and … for the id.
During safari inside the forest, we are not allowed to get down from the vehicle.
Also we have to go by a very strict time frame once you are inside the gate.
Hence, this is the only picture I could get.



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