QUERY :: commemorative epithets: heyneana, hyneanum, heynei & c: I am believing all the Indian species with the commemorative epithets: heyneana, hyneanum, heynei … are named for Dr B. Heyne, German botanist and traveller, co-author of Herbarium Maderaspatense … Origins of Plant Names

Benjamin Heyne, Scottish surgeon, naturalist and botanist — Wikipedia — any of the species commemorative of him ?

Yes …

Possessive form: heynei
Adjective form: heyneana, heyneanum and heyneanus depending upon the gender of generic name. Here is the list I could gather (some may be synonyms).
Alysicarpus heyneanus W & A
Ammania heyneana Wall.
Amphidonax heynii Nees
Ancistrocladus heyneanus Wall.
Anisomeles heyneana Benth.
Aquillaria heyneana Wall.
Blumea heyneana DC
Callicarpa heynei Roth
Callistephus heyneanus DC.
Capparis heyneana Wall.
Catha heyneana Walp.
Celastrus heyeana Roth
Chlorophytum heyneanum Wall.
Chlorophytum heynei Baker
Cinnamomum heyneanum Nees
Coleus heynei Benth.
Combretum heyneanum Wall.
Conyza heyneana Wall.
Crotalaria heyneana Grah.
Cynanchum heyneanum R & S
Cynoglossum heynei G. Don
Cyperus heyneanus Boeck.
Cyperus heynei Boeck.
Dendrobium heyneanum Lindl.
Derris heyneana Benth.
Dracaena heyneana Wall.
Dunbaria heynei W & A
Echites heynei Spreng.
Ehretia heynii R & S
Eugenia heyneana Duthie
Eugenia heyneana Rottl.
Euphorbia heyneana Boiss.
Euphorbia heyneana Spreng.
Fimbristylis Heynei Boeck.
Galega heyneana Roxb.
Gerardia heyneana Benth.
Glochdion heyneanum Wight
Gomphostemma heyneanum Wall.
Gymnosporia heyneana Laws.
Habenaria heyneana Lindl.
Hedyotis heynii Bedd.
Hedyotis heynii W & A
Hyrocotyle heyneana Wall.
Ipomoea heynei R & S
Ipomoea heynei Wall.
Jasminum heyneanum Wall.
Knoxia heyneana DC.
Lactuca heyneana DC.
Laurus heyneana Wall.
Lobelia heyneana R & Sch.
Loranthus heyneanus Schult.
Loranthus heyneanus Wall.
Loranthus heynii DC
Memecylon heyneanum Wight
Memecylon heyneanum Benth.
Momordica heyneana Wall.
Myristica heyneana Wall.
Myrtus heynei Spreng.
Ochna heyneana W & A
Oldenlandia heynei Hook.f.
Olax heyneana Wall.
Olea heyneana Wall.
Panax heyneanum Wall.
Panicum heynii Roth
Passiflora heyneana Wall.
Pellionia heyneana Wedd.
Peperomia heyneana Wight
Peperomia heyneana Miq.
Phyllanthus heyneanus Muell.
Pimpinella heyneana Wall.
Platanthera heyneana Lindl.
Pogostemon heyneanus Benth.
Polygala heyneana Wall.
Pongamia heyneana Wall.
Pongamia heyneana W & A
Potentilla heynii Roth
Procris heyneana Wall.
Psychotria heyneana Wall.
Pterospermum heyneanum Wall.
Rhynchosia heynei W & A
Robinia heynei Wall.
Solanum heynei R & S
Stemonurus heyneanus Miers
Stercularia heynii Bedd.
Strobilanthes heyneanus Nees
Syzygium heyneanum Wall.
Tabernaemontana heyneana Wall.
Tephrosia heyneana Wall.
Tournefortia heyneana Wall.
Tournefortia heyneana DC.
Uvaria heyneana Wall.
Uvaria heyneana W & A
Vallaris heynei Spreng.
Viscum heyneanum DC.
Vitis heyneana Wall.
Vitis heyneana DC.
Wendlandia heyneana Wall.

Many many thanks Gurcharan ji for this exhaustive list of species. A big bonus to me – will help me make good use of it.

I am re-phrasing my query:
There are two great personalities:

1) Dr B Heyne, a German
2) Benjamin Heyne, Scottish

My query is:

Want to know whether all of species known to us in Indian context are named after Dr B Heyne ?


Could there be some of them named for Benjamin Heyne ?

IPNI lists only three botanical authors’ names with Heyne as surname:

  • B.HeyneBenjamin Heyne 1770-1819

  • F.HeyneFriedrich Adolf Heyne 1760-1826

  • K.HeyneKarel Heyne 1877-1947

And, only one Heyne with initial B. i.e. Benjamin Heyne as you also have mentioned.
Do you have the First (full) name of the other Heyne?

Many many thanks … for digging !!

I too was doing the same today whenever I got time.

Answering our questions is this eye-opening reading at

… Writing this column is exciting and it can lead to unexpected, sometimes conflicting, information. Dr Benjamin Heyne, surgeon/naturalist was born in Dobra, Germany and not in Scotland … more at http://www.st-andrews.ac.uk/~gdk/stabg_new/poms/2013/jan13pom.htm … though on this page nothing has been put about Heyne co-authoring Herbarium Maderaspatense and his travels to E. Indies

Thus the German Dr B Heyne and the Scott Benjamin Heyne are one and the same identity !!

Benjamin Heyne the scottish surgeon was asst to Buchanan Hamilton at Bangalore -Both suryed Mysore State under Tipu then, Succeding Buchanan- Heyne also Surveyed Tamilanadu, Hyderbad aand NorthernCircars. His 1814 Travels deals with Survey of Peninsular India whereas Buchanan Surveyed Bengal, Nepal Burma and Indies .,, As Heyne followed tracks of Koenig and Roxburgh to interior from coast we find most interesting data – I visited most of the places visited by Heyne who was posted to Samalkota. Though only 250 species of pls new described by his followers. Benjamin and Buchanan are Surveyors of India. I myself have seen smallslips with his hdwriting that became Cleghorns Herbarium at madras and then to CAL Wikipedia link to his works 400 pages was never studied by us at Cal. Heyne died in 1819 and Flora Indica still in mss at Serampore. … wil be happy to note that he too followed trks of Benjamin the Scientist who died at Madras like Koenig at kakinada and Kyd at Calcutta-Benajamin travels are as interesting as Hookers Himal Jls.- … former Keeper of CAL.

what an interesting history
one of the newly minted botanists or historians could spend a decade unraveling these travels and making useful chronological story… and if the writer was a bit romantic could make it into a very readable history…

Yes … Such posts elicit a different path of discussion which unravels many less known stories.

Please remember that all species names with Heyne may not be originally described from India. Another Karel Heyne also worked in Malaysia and the same species might be found in India.

There were three Heynes connected to Botany as stated by …
As per the usage of the name, in simple words,
heynei: means BELONGING TO HEYNE (though the voucher may or may not actually be collected by Heyne)
heyneana. heyneanum etc: means LIKE HEYNE.
Nice discussion and nice information by …

Yes, point noted …

The query was put with this very intention – when I thought I found two botanists working in India during the colonial times.

1) Dr B Heyne, a German

2) Benjamin Heyne, a Scott

But later discovered both these were same identity.

… information did raise the same doubt in my mind as your cautionary note.

I will stress on validating the commemorations in all my future posts related to Names of Plants in India (of course, I would do my bit of study!)

And will resurface my earlier posts for same interest.

This discussion was particularly about Heyne; other commemorated botanists too would need to be checked.


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