Pinguicula alpina L., Sp. Pl. 17 1753. ;

Image by D.S.Rawat

Pinguicula alpina L. (Lentibulariaceae) is a rarely photographed insectivorous herb in the alpine Himalaya.
It grows on moist shady slopes between 3000-3500m altitude in Uttarakhand.
The species is more common in some European countries but rare here in the Himalaya.
Photographed in June 2012 in Sunderdhunga valley Uttarakhand.

Thanks for sharing this.

Family member from Lentibulariaceae i.e. Utricularias?

Thank you posting this really nice image of Pinguicula alpina. The species varies a lot in terms of the extent and number of yellow patches. This species no longer occurs in the UK although it used to occur in one small area of Scotland. I had no idea it reached so far east.

Lovely sighting with image. Just saw it (the sketch) in the book of Concise Flowers of the Himalayas.