Poa supina Schrad., Fl. Germ. 289 1806. (Syn: Poa annua f. alpigena Schur; Poa annua var. exigua (Husn.) Hack.; Poa annua f. macranthera Litard. & Maire; Poa annua f. pygmaea Schur; Poa annua var. pygmaea Schur; Poa annua var. rivulorum (Maire & Trab.) Litard. & Maire; Poa annua subsp. supina (Schrad.) Husn.; Poa annua var. supina (Schrad.) Link; Poa annua var. supina (Gaudin) Spenn.; Poa annua subsp. varia (Gaudich.) Gaudich.; Poa annua var. varia Gaudich.; Poa annua subsp. varia (Gaudin) Gaudin; Poa bifida S.E.Fröhner; Poa duriuscula Willd. ex Spreng. [Invalid]; Poa exigua Husn.; Poa foucaudii Hack.; Poa rivulorum Maire & Trab.; Poa supina var. allobrogensis Portal & Farille; Poa supina f. alpigena (Schur) Soó; Poa supina f. exigua (Husn.) Gamisans; Poa supina var. exigua Portal; Poa supina subsp. foucaudii (Hack.) Pignatti; Poa supina f. pygmaea (Schur) Soó; Poa supina subsp. ustulata (S.E.Fröhner) Á.Löve & D.Löve; Poa ustulata S.E.Fröhner);






Reposting grass for ID – 8: Here is the picture of a grass species photographed in Kullu between May-July 2012. I will be grateful if anybody can help with identification of this species.

Poa supina


Thank you … Isn’t it Poa alpina?

In Poa alpina, the spikelets are ovate and not lanceolate or elliptic as in other species of Poa. I am attaching a photo.






Attachments (3). 4 posts by 3 authors. Poa pratensis L.

Common in Kashmir in pastures and lawns

Poa supina

SK 2850 15 November 2020 – Grass : 5 very high resolution images.
Location: Kathmandu Valley
Date:  October 2020 
Elevation: 2000m.
Habitat  : Wild

Poa supina

Poa supina Schrad.

Thank you …!

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