Piper acutistigmum C.DC., Candollea 1: 188 1923. ; 
INDIA: Andaman Islands, Arunachal Pradesh(?); MYANMAR as per Nomenclatural notes on Piper Linn. (Piperaceae) from India II – PRASANTA KUMAR MUKHERJEE- Phytotaxa 338 (1): 017–032, 2018;



Piper sp.(?) from kamrup district, Assam:

Attached images are Piper sp.(?) collected on hilly area. It looks like Piper betle L.. But taste of the leaf is not like betel leaf. Please ID for it.

Date : 21.12.2012

Location: Kamrup district

Family : Piperaceae (?)

Genus & species : Piper sp. (?)

Habitat: Grows wild on rock with the help of climbing roots.

Habit : Climber

Flower : Not seen

Fruits : Not seen

Looks like Piper betle. Image of a fruit will help to identify

This is Piper acutistigmum C. DC. mostly occuring West Kameng Papumpare in the foothills along the boarder of Assam (Sonitpur & Lakhimpur dist). Recorded from India first time during our study.



Catalogue of Life  The Plant List Ver.1.1  GBIF (High resolution specimens) POWO Numerical taxonomic studies on some species of Piper … – IAAT (2002)

Piper acutistigmum C. DC. (Piperaceae): A new record for India Gajurel, P.R.; Rethy, P.; Kumar, Y.- Rheedea 10(2): 139-141 2000

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