Mussaenda sp. (?) from Kamrup district, Assam:

Attaching images of what looks likeMussaenda sp.

Date : 21.12.2012

Location: Kamrup district

Family : Rubiaceae (?)

Genus & species : Mussaenda sp

Habitat: Grows wild on rocky slopes

Habit : Shrurb

As I mentioned earlier, a friend of mine and I study the families separately and make notes based on what is given on the eflora site. We have done Rubiaceae before, so I went back to our notes and compared it with the pictures … had sent. According to our notes, flowers in this family have between 4-5 petals and quoting from the page “The stamens are as many as the number of petals and they alternate with them.”
This may of course be an exception or I’m missing something but there seems to be more than 5 anthers. Everything else seems to be in order though!

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