Tecoma stans var. sambucifolia (Kunth) J.R.I.Wood, Bot. J. Linn. Soc. 156: 152 2008. (Syn: Gelseminum sambucifolium (Kunth) Kuntze; Stenolobium sambucifolium (Kunth) Seem.; Tecoma sambucifolia Kunth);

Images by Usha Desai 



Bignoniaceae Week : : UD 009 : : Tecoma sambucifolia from Southern California: Tecoma sambucifolia
This is apparently a medicinally important plant in central and south americas

I found this in a botanist curated garden in Los Angeles area in 2008.

The plant list lists this as : I quote: Tecoma sambucifolia Kunth is a synonym of Tecoma stans var. sambucifolia (Kunth) J.R.I.Wood’ end quote 

sambucus means elderberry plant, refers to its toothed leaves….


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