Orchid of Mt Slamet: Could you help me ID our epiphytic orchid please. Flowers not seen. West slope of Mt Slamet, 2.000 m alt. 

This looks very much like Coelogyne. Cant confirm without pics though.
Do you have any orchid list from Indonesia or Mt Selamat to share?

I don’t have the list of orchid in Indonesia, but next time, I may be able to list some in Flora of Java. Another orchid will be in another thread. 

The list is too long, ca 235 pages, the following are some of them:
Aphyllorchis 2
Bulbophyllum ca 80
Caladenia 1
Coelogyne ca 25
Corybas 7
Cryptostylis 5
Dendrobium ca 75
Didymophlexis 6
Disperis ca 1
Epipugium 1
Galeola 4
Habenaria ca 15
Lecanorchis 3
Microtis ca 1
Nervilia 8
Oncidium ca 25
Paphiopedilum ca 30
Phaius ca 10
Phalaenopsis ca 30
Spathoglottis 4
Stereosandra 1
Stigmatodactylus 1
Thelinitra ca 1
Vanda ca 30
Vandopsis ca 3
Vanilla 3

If I had to guess then it looks very well like Coelogyne. Can you please check the keys.