Rubia himalayensis Klotzsch, Bot. Ergebn. Reise Waldemar 86 1862. ;   



Rubiaceae Week_Rubia sp_RKC03_06022012:  Rubia sp. (cordifolia??)
Loc.: Dehradun, Uttarakhand
Date: August, 2010

Very nice pictures of a Rubiaceae plant.
I am not sure about the ID though.
The pictures are showing an important character of Family Rubiaceae………….
Opposite leaves. I have read that often the plants have interpetiolar stipules which are sometimes big and appear like leaves making the leaf pattern whorled……….
Is it the classic case here?
Would like to learn from experts.

… it may be Rubia himalayensis. (it is not R. cordifolia).

Yes not Rubia cordifolia in which leaves are with very long petioles, and leaf base usually cordate.

Leaves 2-4 in a whorl and short petioles suggest R. himalayensis as suggested by …

…Infact, I was also doubtful about this to be as R. cordifolia. The typical R. cordifolia I’ve posted in another thread.



Galium sp.? ABSEP2016/35 : 3 posts by 2 authors. 5 images.
I started seeing this about 2500m and kept finding it till Triund at 2850m? The leaves suggest a Galium species. Please advise.
Mcleodganj-Triund, HP 2500m and above 10-11 September 2016

Rubia himalayensis Klotzsch ? as per images herein.

Thank you … I am happy to have found another Rubia species.



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