Gynochthodes umbellata (L.) Razafim. & B. Bremer, Adansonia sér. 3, 33:296. 2011 (Syn: Cuviera asiatica Spreng., nom. superfl.; Guttenbergia umbellata (L.) Zoll. & Moritzi; Morinda padavara Juss.; Morinda scandens Roxb.; Morinda scortechinii (King & Gamble) Ridl.; Morinda tetrandra Jack; Morinda umbellata L.; Morinda umbellata var. acuminatissima Valeton; Morinda umbellata var. archboldiana Fosberg; Morinda umbellata subsp. obovata Y.Z.Ruan; Morinda umbellata var. papuana Valeton; Morinda umbellata var. scortechinii King & Gamble; Morinda umbellata var. tonkinensis Pit.; Stigmanthus cymosus Lour.);     
Trop. & Subtrop. Asia to W. Pacific as per WCSP
Andaman Is.; Assam; Bangladesh; Bismarck Archipelago; Borneo; China
South-Central; China Southeast; Hainan; India; Japan; Jawa; Malaya; Marianas;
Nansei-shoto; New Guinea; Philippines; Queensland; Samoa; Solomon Is.; Sri
; Sumatera; Taiwan; Thailand; Vietnam
as per Catalogue of Life;




Morinda umbellata L. of Rubiaceae: Name: Morinda umbellata L.

Family Rubiaceae
Location: Sirumalai, Dindigul dist., TN
Altitude: c. 1600 msl
Dear all, Is this ID right?

picture taken on 05 October 2011

What is the habit of this species: Climbing shrub/ small tree?

this is a climbing shrub

You have got it right.



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Morinda umbellata L. woody climber from southern states



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Collected from Chitteri hills of Eastern ghats.

Nice, …, thanks for remembering and upload flowering pics., if you have only that will be nice and fulfill the post.



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