Manipur identifications 4: Here’s a ground orchid from Khayangphung mountain, on the border with Burma. Probably 2200m+ asl.

It looks like Eulophia graminea to me.

I agree.

My dear friends, to me this looks like a Cymbidium cyperifolium 🙂

I would agree. Here is a close up of the same plant from the same spot on Khiayang Phung, Manipur

Thanks dear … I stand corrected!

It’s somewhat differ from Cymbidium cyperifolium; it’s may be Cymbidium ensifolium…. please inform the altitude and how many flowers in the inflorescence…..

Petals and sepals are more roundish in Cymbidium ensifolium as far as I remember and it is narrower in Cymbidium cyperifolium. Leaves are slightly broader in ensifolium too.
There is lot of confusion in the Flora of China. And yes, this could be tricky. But I still stand with Cymbidium cyperifolium….90% lets say 🙂