Hylodesmum laxum (DC.) H.Ohashi & R.R.Mill (Syn: Desmodium laxum DC.); 




Gori Valley Tour: Legume 2 for id: This one was another leguminous herb shot from near Chokori..

plant erect.. stiff with trifoliate leaves… pinkish, very small flowers.. less than 1 cm across… uniquely shaped flat, deeply constricted pods….
id help is requested..

The fruits somewhat resemble that of Desmodium glutinosum. But the leaves look different.

This is Desmodium podocarpum.

Thanks … and …i for these leads.. this one is closer to D. podocarpum

Please also check for Desmodium laxum.

It appears to me as Hylodesmus laxum (DC.) H.Ohashi & R.R.Mill (= Desmodium laxum DC.)

Thanks a lot … for valuable lead.. I think we should wait for further inputs….


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