It’s heartening to state again that Efloraofindia is the largest google e-group in the world in this field & the largest nature related e-group (and the most constructive) in India with more than 90,000 messages so far (unprecedented in Indian e-group history) & membership currently more than 1740 nos.

The Efloraofindia website has now been updated upto 31th July’11. It has the largest database on net on Indian Flora with pictures of more than 6000 species. You can see it at any time at /home

Intent of this website is compilation of all the posts on ‘efloraofindia’ e- group along with providing other details so that it’s useful to all concerned as all the data about a particular species will be available under a single head & easily searchable. Correctness of data/ identification in the efloraofindia (indiantreepix) link is dependent on the members’ inputs in that particular link. Therefore, errors/ mistakes cannot be ruled out- everyone is requested to point them out for corrections by sending an e-mail to <>. Efloraofindia e-group members can add comments about it after ‘signing in’ at the bottom of the page.

Kudos to the moderators, experts & other members who are rendering selfless service on the group!

I thank all the moderators, experts & members, who have made this endeavor possible for the benefit of everyone.

You mean 6000 different species or it includes repetitions?

6000 different species. It doesn’t include repetitions.

Great …!!! Now we quickly need to become the most active group in the world and document all the species in India.

It is a great achievement for our group. We have photographic archives for nearly 40 % of Flora of India, and that too only within 4 years of its existence. With the pace at which new species are being added to our database, it should become the premier resource for taxonomic research in India. Congratulations to all.

Wow thats amazing. …, to tell you the truth, Flora of Delhi was written with around ~600 plants, ranchi with ~1200 plants, bhagalpur with ~800 plants, uttarakhand with around 5000 plants.
Some one can do his phd with this information :)). Its really a great great achievement. I have no words.

6000 species in 4 years…is really a great achievement! Congrats to one and all members of eFI team.
It is estimated that there are nearly 20000 taxa of flowering plants in India. Of these around 6000 are endemics and/or ‘rare’ species.
So, we have another about 8000 plant species around us that need to be documented digitally.
I have a request to all our member friends….
Please take pictures of ALL plants that you come across in your ways. No matter if the flowers are large or small, showy or not, we should try to capture them through our cameras. All life forms of plants…herbs, shrubs, trees and climbers; epiphytes, parasites, aquatics and desert plants…should be documented, in order to achieve “eflora of India”.
Do not worry about identity of plants…take sufficient number of pictures depicting all features of plants, including close-up shots of flowers. We have great leaders and experts to help with identification.
We need more volunteers, explorers and experts from eastern India and W.Ghats.
I really wish our leaders to organize special collection trips/camps to these less-represented regions in order to maximize the number of species considerably.

Yes I support Vijay for this. There should be some trips organised together. Especially for those living close to each other and of course distant ones too.
Best wishes. We have a very good future ahead. I told you SUN IN ABOUT TO RISE SOON….

Thanks to all. What is more important is thousands of observations of hundreds of our members (many of which one will not find documented anywhere) are available here & easily searchable through general web searches as well as search in the efi. And these are going to increase with every passing day. These original observations will be a treasure trove & will a delight to lot of people.