Kohautia gracilis (Wall.) DC., Prodr. 4: 430 1830.  (Syn:
Hedyotis aspera Bedd. [Illegitimate];

Images by Gurcharan Singh (ID DS Rawat), inserted by Gurcharan Singh

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Kindly help with the ID of this small herb photographed from Almora, Uttarakhand on April 15, 2012

A rare catch Sir !
It is Kohautia gracilis (Wall.) DC. of Rubiaceae.
In efloraofindia the post identified as K.gracilis is a wrong ID; it must be a species in Campanulaceae:
The correctly identified K.gracilis can be seen in:

Thanks … for this ID.


25042012GS2 herb for ID from Almora:
Small herb photographed from Almora in April

Height: 15-20 cm tall, leaves opposite, linear, flowers whitish, on branched slender repeatedly forked, dichasial inflorescence; nearly 1.5 cm (?) long, corolla tube many times longer than calyx. Please help in ID

may be a species of rubiaceae? oldenlandia?

I agree with you.

Kohautia gracilis (Wall.) DC.

Thank you, Syn. Oldenlandia gracillis

Incidentally this plant was also uploaded by me in 2016, when … identified it as Kohautia gracilis (Wall.) DC.

The images are already inserted on our website

Thanks … for confirming.