Please identify this sapling – NS 160113: Please identify this sapling of a tree. It was grown from a seed collected possibly from Karnala Bird Sanctuary.

Xylia xylocarpa. Yerul or Jambha. Leaves 2 pinnate, pinnae 2-4 pairs, gland on the petiole between pinnae, lower leaflets smaller and often one of them is wanting. The pod must have been boomarang shaped.

Could it be Reetha?

Thanks Mr. Ingalhalikar & Dr. Radha Veach for your responses. This is neither Xylia xylocarpa nor Sapindus triafoliatus [Ritha / Aritha / Soapnut tree]. Have both on my property at Shahapur.

My photographs of Aritha are available at this link :
This is also not Dysoxylum binecteriferum my photographs of which are available at this link :


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