Plz id this herb: pa90 – 14jan2013: Plz id this herb growing on the rocky ground in Yeoor region. It is flowering now. Tks.

Some Polygonum species?

This is the Common Marsh Buckwheat [Polygonum glabrum]. My photographs of this are available at this link


Not P. glabra because in the first photograph I can see the dark blotches on the dorsal side of leaves
This could be P. macuolsa Gray.

I am ataching a cropped image of the first photo where the maroon patch near the middle of the leaf are properly seen. Some of the leafs are turning red also. Very excited to know the proper id … plz let me know.

And certainly this is not P. glabra because you cannot find the red blothces here. Whereas, they can be seen in P maculosa and some other allied species. Ciliate ochrea is also matching with your photo….Please match carefully your specimens with Fl. Pakistan and Tropicos for confirmation.

Persicaria glabra, Syn polygonum glabrum

Family : polygonaceae

This would be

Persicaria hydropiper (L.) Delarbre.

why is it p. hydopiper and not p. glabra?

First trying to answer Ushadi’s question “why is it p. hydopiper and not p. glabra?”
Not P. glabra because species is characterized by total absence of ocheal cilia, whole plant also being glabrous

In image number 4, long cilia are clearly seen. Length of cilia plus absence of glands on ochreolae and perianth would suggest P. longiseta

Persicaria glabra (Willd.) M.Gómez ??

I hope P. longiseta, long cilia are clearly seen.

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