tree identification 18012013NAW1: Kindly identify this tree – unfortunately i do not have a proper full view.
Date- Dec 28th 2012
Location- Jijamata Udhan aka Ranibagh, Byculla, Mumbai, Maharashtra
Habitat- Garden (Ranibagh is the mini-zoo of Mumbai, of colonial origin but now managed by the Municipality).
Plant Habit- Tree
Height- More than 30 feet. (The tree trunk view in the first picture attached is upward from close to the trunk.)
Leaves Type/ Shape/ Size- see picture – im not very good with botanical jargon.
Inflorescence – not seen
Flowers – not seen.
Fruits – not seen.
Seeds- about 1 cm diameter and 2.5 to 3 cm length. medium brown. (note the seed clearly visible in the picture of seedling). the seeds lying under the tree which had not germinated were much more cylindrical and of course less dense.

Other Information – There were many seedlings growing below the tree as seen in picture attached. not less than 30. these may be very characteristic for identification.

I dug and got some seedlings back and one seems to be establishing itself. (My first participation in the eFI.)

This coiuld be Kumbhi [Careya arborea].

It seems difficult to make out the species from my pictures – im sorry – i need to do a better job – also since flowers are the most distinctive feature and i dont have any pictures of the flowers, i have a lesson to learn – that i should photograph flowers if i want the species to be ID’ed, and i should have much better pictures in any case.
As it happens, the trees of the Jijamata Udhan or Ranibagh are very well documented – (http://www.saveranibagh.org/BW_listOfTrees.php) and i have spent many hours going thru the entire list and matching pictures and information on the net with what i remember of the tree which i want IDed but strangely i have not been successful. I even contacted the saveranibagh.org but there is no response. I leave it for now. The one sapling i have is still very small. When it is bigger and has flowers i can attempt ID again or if i get another opportunity to go the Ranibagh, Bombay i will try to get better pictures.

Please check with Barringtonia acutangula (L.) Gaertn. of Lecythridaceae.