Dopatrium nudicaule (Willd.) Benth., Scroph. Ind. 31 1835. (Syn: Gratiola aphylla Roth; Gratiola cuneifolia Roxb.; Gratiola nudicaulis Willd.);

Sri Lanka, S-India as per Catalogue of India;




Please help me to identify this small herb found on the estuary region. The size of the plant was very small (1-2 inches only), and they were in full bloom on the ground. Is this any Scrophulariaceae?
Date: 27 Dec 2012
Place: Point Calimere, Nagapatinam Dist., TN
Habitat: clayey soil in coastal region
Alt.: 1 – 3 m asl

The first five pictures are of Dopatrium nudicaule.

So are there two different plants in pics 410 to 414 (Dopatrium) , and 474 to 476 (Lindernia c.) ?
They should be having different leaves.
Do the serrate, broadly elliptic leaves belong to the flowers in the second set ? 
If the first set is Dipatrium, it should have oblong leaves with entire margin.
…, pls confirm about the leaves.