Microgynoecium tibeticum Hook. f., Gen. Pl. 3: 56 56 1880. ;

by Prashant Awale (Inserted by J.M.Garg)



Tibetan Goosefoot



Chenopodiaceae and Amaranthaceae Week :: PKA4 :: Microgynoecium tibeticum at Tsokar lake, Ladakh:  I had seen this small herb near Tsokar lake, Ladakh (altitude of approx 15300ft.).
Bot. name: Microgynoecium tibeticum.
Family: Chenopodiaceae.



ID request-021011-PKA1: Seen this small prostrate herb (sort of succelent) with thicker leaves near Tsokar lake.
(The TsoKar meaning Lake Kar is one of the high altitude salt water lake in Ladakh located at an altitude of approx 15300ft. It is also called as White Lake probably due to the whitish salt deposits all around the lake shore. I am enclosing 2 photographs of the lake just to have a feel of it).
Date/Time: 13-09-2011 / 10:30AM
Location: near Tsokar Lake, Ladakh, Altitude (approx: 15300ft).

Similar to Chenopodium as in another thread.

I think it was identified earlier as Microgynoecium tibeticum Hook. f. 

Checked with ‘Flora of British India’, as had been surprised that if named by Hooker, that it was not included within Stewart’s catalogue from Ladakh (or anywhere else).
Note it was only known from Kumaon & Sikkim in the 19th Century – like his description of its “microscopic” flowers and being “a very inconspicuous plant” – was recorded by Dickore & Klimes.
Easily overlooked for a Chenopodium or related genus when not in flower?



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