Family Week: Can we summarize what are the species uploaded by members?: Family Week: Can we summarize what are the species uploaded by members?

Thanks, …,
… has done for Valley of Flowers month as well as for Kas Week.
It will be nice if someone can do it on regular basis for the Family weeks.

Yes … Members/moderators have to volunteer for such jobs. I hardly find volunteers for coordination of monthly weeks, and often find difficult to cope up with the pressure every month. For refinement in our database and information, volunteers are necessary. … are already doing a great job, in spite f their busy schedule. 
     Requesting more members to volunteer for the activity of their choice.

Me too urging the same to members – that any good initiative however small, goes a long way when implemented and would gain lot of respect from fellow members.
I think a list of possible efforts be put at some page in the site related to volunteering.

It is very good idea to have a fortnightly listing of species by energetic … ideally located US. As there are only over 10 thousand species by conservative estimate given by me to USDA and Canadian Institute two decades ago when there was no Windows etc and now with about 10 thousand images by eflora group it is deirable to have a listing as per FBI/ Flora of India sequence as per CAL arrangement irrespective of classifications and apg listings -Indian Flora will be easily accessible to every one..

Flora Andhrika – a blog tracing back pioneer works of post linnaean work in India is just a sample to open basic field work of Buchanan and Benjamin Heyene the followers of Koenigian Taxonomy. With vast literaratue in EIC Garden at Howrah and my assoiation with it for 50 yrs and and y rapport with all Taxonomists of the world envisages my help from Hitec City in Cyberabd