Citrus medica? Ukhrul, Manipur: Can anyone give me an definite ID on this large Citrus? I assume it is C. medica.

This was seen cultivated in Ukhrul, Manipur and also in Khayang village, Manipur near the Burmese border.

It formed a tree to perhaps 6m high. Fruit was about the size of a grapefruit, but with very thick, coarse skin. Photographed November 2012.


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Requesting to please ID this plant in a building compoundMumbai in March 2014. Is it some citrus plant?

It is seedles variety of lemon, it is a Citrus hybrid.

Thank you … for feedback, hoping to get the cultivar/hybrid name if possible…

I think Citrus limon or its hybrid

Citrus medica L.


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