Chenopodiaceae and Amaranthaceae Week: Chenopodium sp. from Delhi for ID……GS-25: This species of Chenopodium looks like Chenopodium album, but unlike latter which occurs mostly in winter, is found April onwards, grows much taller often 1.5 m or so, most leaves in vegetative plants are broader and somewhat lobed and toothed, branched are somewhat woody and distinctly 4-angled. Flowering is not very frequent. I think it may belong any of the following:
C. quinoa
C. dessicatum
C. berlandieri

Or any other species. Pl. suggest.

It is most likely Chenopodium album

I guess it matches the description and just difference of a month ! Chenopodium album L.

Chenopodium album L. MSU

This plant is clearly not C. album s.str. The American species rather have very thick seed coat, and for that reason it is better to cut the seeds if present. Evidently not C. quinoa, but, again, the seeds of this species are very peculiar. You can provide me some other images when present. At this stage, it is impossible to say what it is.

Till it is finally resolved, I will take it as C. berlandieri, which has been introduced to many places in India. As I wrote earlier (and confirmed by Dr. Alexander) it can’t be C. album, because of taller erect almost bushy habit and other characters.


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