Philodendron xanadu Croat, Mayo & J.Boos, Aroideana 25: 63 2002 publ. 2003. ;

ID request – 04072011PC2: Please identify this indoor/shade plant. Small shrub with long petiolated leaves. Have not seen it flower.

I hope Philodendron xanadu

Agreed Sir this is Philodendron xanadu

Philodendron xanadu (refer

It is Syngonium xanadu.
Commonly used for some shades as well for hanging baskets.
generaly available from TC labs.

Thanks, …,
But I could not find a plant with Bot. name as Syngonium xanadu.

… has stated it to be Philodendron xanadu.

At present in trade of the plants it is sold with the name of Syngonium xanadu

Name Syngonium xanadu has no botanical standing. It never seems to have been published.

Pease Identify this Philodendron.

Philodendron xanadu

I think yes


Philodendron xanadu photographed from Delhi for validation

Philodendron xanadu from a plant nursery in Nasik.

Pictures taken in Sept, 2009.


This common potted plant is being posted for validation of id..
I hope this is Philodendron xanadu
Please suggest. .

For me the ID is correct. Very  rarely … can miss the ID.


Location- Place, Altitude, GPS-Pune
Habitat- Garden/ Urban/ Wild/ Type-Garden
Plant Habit- Tree/ Shrub/ Climber/ Herb- Shrub
Height/Length-2-3 feet
Leaves Type/ Shape/ Size-green showy
No flowers or fruits

Philodendron sp

Philodendron bipinnatifidum?

Probably Philodendron xanadu of Araceae family.

not Philodendron xanadu
very different leaf anatomy from those in … pics… I own one, sitting my drawing room right now.. may be I should take pics and upload…

Response from … Philodendron xanadu as per another thread

Philodendron xanadu Croat, Mayo & J.Boos : 2 posts by 1 author. 2 images- 6 mb each.
Location: Kalimpong, WB, India
Date:  27  November 2019 
Elevation: 1350m.
Habitat: Cultivated

Is ID correct ?

Appears so as per images and references at Philodendron xanadu

AAZ Fortnight :: Araceae :: SMP15 :: Ornamental : 3 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (1).

Looks like some Philodendron, cf. P. undulatum Engl., also please check cultivars of P. xanadu.

Looks close to Philodendron undulatum

Possible, …, but leaves can mislead!

I think more likely to be Philodendron xanadu Croat as per images and details herein.

Looks different from Philodendron undulatum as per

Of-course it is, Sir, but it would be a hybrid Philodendron var. Xanadu,

Both, P. xanadu and P. undulatum are South American species.

I think it remains a species now and not a hybrid as per Wikipedia.


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