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Ornamental for id – 200213 ANB-0030 – Mumbai: I was given the name Sea Onion when I bought this plant. I would love to know its botanical name etc. if possible.

your plant is : Drimia maritime or sea squill, red squill and sea onion. read about it at :

something else is more popularly called the sea onion… that’s how I know it… is a succulent called Climbing Onion, Sea Onion Bowiea volubilis Family: Hyacinthaceae
I own several of these… currently. both “bulbous base my look similar but are different creatures….

This is Albuca bracteata, commonly known as False Sea Onion or Pregnant Onion. A couple of adventitious bulblets are partially visible on the posterior left side and there is a ‘pregnant’ bulge on the lower right side of the bulb. This plant reproduces quite easily once the bulblets fall off and take root.

Thanks … SO there is another sea onion.. is this the one that when I had cut it open once many many years ago, there were small pea sized bulbets? is what this one does?
dont have pictures to share though…  if this is its third sea onion I know of wonders of botany never cease

The bulb will cast off the outer layer to reveal the bulblets; until then, they appear as little bumps on the surface. Eventually, the bulblets fall off and take root. There are some nice pictures on this page:

Thank you so much … for the correct identification of this plant and for such fascinating information.

what a nice informative and well illustrated link

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