Identifying a plant with few features is really difficult. I understand your curiosity. Just keep a track of the development of plant for flowering/fruiting if the plant is accessible to you.
Very few characters are visible in the given picture. There is a climber also growing on other plant.

I agree with … Not possible to id a plant thus… sorry…

But by the way… several years ago … at Narendrapur RK mission school yard… we had seen similarly curled up browning leaves and these butterflies “eating” something. or “TENDING TO ” something, they kept hovering and coming back to same spot for several hours….. a local gardener said the plant was ATASHI… I have no idea what that would be… never saw flowers …

may be you can do better than I did and follow up with more identifying features and may be even a flower or two when they develop on this plant…


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