Ophioglossum sp for ID- 030711-PKA1: (8 images) I had seen this Herb today on a hill top in Amba valley. I think this is some Ophioglossum sp.
Date/Time: 03-07-2011 / 12:40PM
Location: Mrugagad, Bheliv Cha Killa (near Jambhulpada, Khopoli Pali Rd, Amba valley), Maharashtra
Altitude Approx. 2000ft
Habitat: Wild
Plant Habit: Herb, around 12 cm

Could this be Ophioglossum vulgatum?
Just for info to others, Ophio means snake and glossum means tongue,
pointing towards the sporophyte which looks like snake’s tongue.

I too think that this is Ophioglossum vulgatum.

I think this may be Ophioglossum reticulatum

I think it is Ophioglossum costatum R.Br.

This could be a common one i. e. Ophioglossum reticulatum L. just confirm it at once.

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