Sanjivani :
I spent 7 days in Maha Kumbh at Allahabad.
At one spot I saw a man selling this herb as Sanjivani and I saw many crippled man and women in fair..
Here are few pictures of this so called Sanjivani for specialist to decide.

I have seen this being sold at many tourist places as a plant that can come alive when you put the dry leaves /plants in water. What is this plant?

IT is the category of resurrection plant. A resurrection plant is a generic term used for poikilohydric plants that can survive extreme dehydration, typically even over months or years. Some of the species are

Efi site link: Selaginella bryopteris

Many species of Selaginella are sold in the market as Sanjivani or Mrithasanjivani. All the species are curled off during the adverse climatic condition particularly during summer to suvive the heat and shortage of water.
Identification of Selaginella, we need to study the specimen in details. The morpholgy of strobili leaves is a key character for id. Better we can keep it as Selaginella sp. for the time being

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