Cassia moschata Kunth, F. W. H. A. von Humboldt et al., Nov. gen. sp. 6:266[folio]; 6:338[quarto]. 1824 (Syn: Cathartocarpus moschatus (Kunth) G.Don);

images by Raman Arunachalam


 Images by tspkumar


Request Tree ID 151 – Lalbagh, Bangalore – RA – What cassia is this?: (10 images). It was a beautiful tree in full bloom.

It looks like a yellow version of cassia grandis?
Looks familiar but cannot identify it.

A different Cassia for me… gives impression of Peltophorum

It is cassia moschata



TSP-MAY2016-54-382:Images of Cassia moschata (Fabaceae) : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (6)

It is my pleasure to present few images of Cassia moschata (Fabaceae 

Habit: Tree 

Habitat: Cultivated- Ornamental 

Sighting: LBG, Bangalore, Karnataka, about 900 msl 

Date: 08-03-2016

Very nice details … And new for me…thanks!!



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