Golden Rat Tail 


Cactus for ID : Flower Show,Mumbai : 020313 : AK-1: A cactus seen at the Flower Show in Mumbai during Feb,2011.

A cultivated, potted plant.

I do suspect it is a Cleistocactus (although my Bergerocactus shows some similarities!), but it doesn’t quite look right for Cleistocactus winteri, but there are many variations out there, so that could be it. Spines are too long/shaggy for C. variispinus. No other species is quite that golden normally. The shaggier spines at the distal end are throwing me off…looks almost like my Arthrocereus melanurus, but a bit too dark in color. Probably need a flower to be sure or at least pin it down a bit more.

Could this be Golden Rat Tail or Cleistocactus winteri as in Daves Garden?