Pelargonium × domesticum L.H. Bailey, Stand. Cycl. Hort. 2532 2532 1916. ;


Pelargonium x domesticum L. H. Bailey, Stand. cycl. hort. 5:2532. 1916 ‘Chocolate’
A complex hybrid shrubby plant with spiny tipped leaves lobed leaves, 5-9 cm broad, more deeply divided. This particular cultivar with large chocolate coloured flowers.
Photographed in Sunnyvale, California


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Regal Pelargonium, Regal Geranium, Martha Washington Geranium
Pelargonium x domesticum
Cultivar. may be ‘Parisienne’
Colour: light pink with dark pink marks on posterior large petals.
April 2015

The link may be useful for species determination

Thanks, … Beautifully captured & very good details.



Sharing pictures of Pelargonium hortorum, commonly known as Garden Geranium seen at various places.
A cultivated, ornamental plant.

DSCN6898 is Pelagonium X domesticum, (this species includes artificial hybrids)