ChambalTree Unid Would appreciate the id of this tree.

I thought it was Dhak, but the tree is leafless, and there are those dry branches.
This was the sole tree and it stuck out like a sore thumb in the arid landscape.
This was taken on March 20th, 2011 in Chambal.
I am afraid closeup shots of the tree are not there, as this was a distant shot.

Difficult to say from a distant shot but either Butea monosperma or Bombax ceiba (though branching pattern is different)

A larger picture might help. Pl. post.

Will post in couple of days.
But this is a distant shot and no close up shot of the flowers is available. Even I could not make out. I took this shot because there was no other option, this was the only tree in that arid landscape. So this is only a record shot.
So the photograph that I can send will not provide any close up of the tree.
Hope this clarifies things.

here it is. I have resized it just a bit.
hope this helps.
if you want a higher resolution pic let me know. that would be the original cropped picture. The file size would be much bigger.