Peanut Cactus;  



Cactus for ID : MNP,Mumbai : 120313 : AK-1 : 1image. 4 posts by 2 authors.
Seen during an exhibition at Maharashtra Nature Park on 6/4/2012.

Chamaecereus silvestrii forma aurea

One of the colored Chamaecereus slivestri that is grafted …,

Not my thing, but recognize the plant. Used to see them alot in big box stores.



Cactus For ID : Nasik : 110714 : AK-204 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (1).

Cultivated, ornamental cactus seen at a Cactus House in Nasik on 27/2/14.

This should be Echinopsis chamaecereus f. lutea. Commonly know as Peanut Cactus ‘Yellow Peanut’.

I believe …, That this is a Chamaecereus sport with no chlorophyl and the yellow shows through. So it must remained grafted to something green to keep growing. I don’t know the cultivar name.



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