Popularizing efloraofindia and Flowers of India : It is heartening to note that our forum and the websites of Flowers of India and efloraofindia are becoming more popular day by day due to new experts joining it and increasing its value and our dedicated team making every effort to reach out to teachers and students of botany and public in general. In my chapter “eFlora: the future of floristic documentation” in an edited book “Plant Taxonomy Past, Present and Future”, 2012, I had devoted 4 full pages (included here as attachment) to efloraofindia, Flowers of India as well personal contributions by …. … is playing a great role in making it popular by representing the group at a recent conference, and again along with … holding a photographic exhibition at Panipat on 16th March, where efloraofindia was a big focus.
Thankfully after coming back to India I had a chance to deliver lectures at a few colleges on the “Role of Digital photography, computers and internet” where I have made special efforts to attract students and teachers to join and contribute. I am happy to note that students have been very receptive of this new approach. Through online power-point presentation I showed them the websites and personal pages to make them more popular.
I request other members also to devise methods to increase awareness about our groups to different communities of people.

I am indeed loving it.

This is really a good effort and hopefully we will soon be recognized more for our efforts. Thanks a lot … and also … for popularising the efloraofindia and ofcourse to … for initiating all this.
Recently I came across a term during my meeting with the Chinese Nature Herbarium guy.
“CITIZEN SCIENTISTS” : They use this term for people who are not trained taxonomists but just have interest in taking pictures of plants and animals, and they selflessly contribute their pics to the chinese nature herbarium.
Long live eflora.

Really a good term. Can be used for more than 50% on eflora. They contribute to a great extent by providing the photographs from all over India, either taken the photos deliberately by scanning the areas or taken at places where they visit or both.
In last 5 years I could see the plants all over the world without going anywhere and our expert scientists could identify atleast 75% of them.
So long live citizen scientists and expert scientists.

… forget to told you all that He was our Guest of Honour in the Wildlife and Nature photography Exhibition held on 16-17 March recently. Due to our very busy schedule we could not interact with him much on that day. May be in next tour some of us will be together for few days and will plan for something new. From Last two months I am totally inactive due to that exhibition and secondly we have to re-register our both organisations before 31-3-13 viz Association for Promotion of Plant Sciences and Manav Sanklap Society as Govt has enforced a new act called as Haryana Societies Regulation act 2012. So we have to submit new byelaws, MOU all audited statements etc for all previous years. And also Center Govt is also going to have one more such act. Now 80% work has been done and hopefully we will be having happy time in april onwards and will be able to carry out our postponed tour to Chakrata. two days back i got the report from Chakrata that Rhododendron is in bloom and many other flowers also…. Hope to have our next tour soon.
Thanks to all for nice words and wish you a happy and colourful Holi to All

It is so nice to see the efforts of so many persons in a positive direction.
Thanks, everybody for their painstaking efforts.

It is really incredible the efforts taken by efloraofindia and …, and all the other experts who offer their valuable time in solving the queries posted by the members.
There are several Tree walks and Tree Appreciation Walks being conducted at various places including one at Madurai which started recently. In this context, efi’s official participation and professional advice could take efi directly to the field. Discussion along these lines could open up other possibilities.
There could be a week devoted to regional native flora or state wise native flora. Help in procuring saplings of native local species would be very much appreciated.

… your concept of – week devoted to regional native flora or state wise native flora is interesting. We had two such weeks Valley of Flowers and Kas plateau – and they sure were exciting.
Let us decide a systematic approach to get to such weeks. At least 10 – 15 (more always better) participants for such weeks could be one of the criteria.
If arriving to specific regional / state flora week becomes not-so-feasible, my suggestion is to just announce it as “Regional Flora Week” in which a member decides to upload plants of “only one” region of his / her choice – region = place / Wildlife Sanctuary / National Park etc. for that week. There are many members among us who upload regularly in this fashion.

Let us wait for comments.

My compliments to … and everybody involved in the founding and development of indiantreepix / efloraofindia. This is indeed a most unique and fertile group.

congratulations sir! and would love to get hold of this book for personal as well as library use

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