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here is another plant from Warsaw for ID.
Please help me.

Gelsemium sempervirens most likely
though the inside of the flowers is hazy
i have seen such  rambling vines used as ground covers and on rock walls
lovely in spring after the snow but you were there in summer!!!
do you have better close ups of the flowers and some side views>?leaves

Thanks … Now the summer has come.

Isn’t this any Oxalis sp. ?

No 2 is definitively an Oxalis

… mailing the low plants’ display in front of the building to confirm the ID.

This could be Oxalis corniculata.

With this image I can guess O. corniculata only.


Oxalis micrantha from California-GS16042023-1: 5 very high res. images.
Oxalis micrantha Bojer ex Progel, a very distinctive species, though looking similar to O. corniculata in appearance, but a small annual species, with smaller flowers and fruit. Photographed from Fremont, California. 

    Nomenclature of species is disputed, whereas WFO and POWO treat it as a synonym of O. laxa Hook. & Arn., Catalogue of Life and Japson Flora of California treat it as distinct species.

To me looks different as per images at

Yes …, difference in Flowers, looks more like O. orniculata, but flowers are clearly smaller, so are leaves.

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