Chloris virgata Sw., Fl. Ind. Occid. 1: 203 1797. (Syn: Agrostomia barbata Cerv.; Chloris alba J.Presl .; Chloris albertii Regel; Chloris barbata var. decora (Steud.) Benth. .; Chloris brachystachys Andersson [Illegitimate]; Chloris caudata Trin.; Chloris compressa DC.; Chloris decora Nees ex Steud.; Chloris decora Thwaites; Chloris elegans Kunth; Chloris gabrielae Domin; Chloris madagascariensis Steud.; Chloris meccana Hochst. ex Steud.; Chloris meccana Hochst. & Steud. ex Schltdl.; Chloris multiradiata Hochst.; Chloris notocoma Hochst.; Chloris penicillata Jan ex Trin.; Chloris penicillata Willd. ex Steud. [Invalid]; Chloris polydactyla P.Durand [Illegitimate] .; Chloris pubescens Lag.; Chloris rogeonii A.Chev.; Chloris tetrastachys Hack. ex Hook.f. [Invalid]; Chloris tibestica Quézel; Chloris virgata var. elegans (Kunth) Stapf; Heterolepis elegans Ehrenb. ex Boiss. [Invalid]; Rabdochloa virgata (Sw.) P.Beauv. [Invalid]); 

Kindly help Id this tall plant at Pune again growing near a well

Again Chloris barbata

This one is Chloris virgata. The spikes do not open up and spread as in C.barbata. Also, the colour is never pinkish as in C.barbata. And it is usually found on drier habitat like on top of walls, roofs, cement, etc.




Need id of Grass from Morena, M.P : 4 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (6)
Need id of Grass from Morena, M.P
Nov 19

Chloris sp,


Chloris virgata


Need help with grass id – is this chloris? : 6 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (2)

Bhopal; black soil; 5/10/2020

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It’s Chloris only, With regards. On Mon, 5 Oct 2020 at 22:03, Fazal Rashid wrote: > Bhopal; black soil; 5/10/2020 > > — > You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups > “efloraofindia”
It’s Chloris only

Can you help with species as well please?

Chloris virgata



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