Rhododendron barbatum Wall. ex G. Don, Gen. Hist. 3: 844 844 1834. (Syn: Rhododendron lancifolium Hook. f.);  


Recently I was at Munsiyari, Pithoragarh of Uttarakhand. Fortunately the visit was exactly at the time of full bloom of Rhododendron barbatum (Ericaceae) which produces floral trusses more profusely than R.arboreum. This species grow at higher elevation than R.arboreum. All high slopes were full of flowering trees. Few pics are enclosed for experiencing this floral profusion.

Wow, Spectacular. Thanks … for sharing these beautiful photographs.
The close up photographs reveal the barbs on the petiole of the leaves, which is the main character of Rhododendron barbatum. However, these barbs fall off later on and during certain season, no barbs are found. The flowers are scarlet to orange-red and are smaller than that of R.arboreum. The bark peels off and is whitish like R.campanulatum.  
One of the photograph shows R.barbatum (lighter green at the centre) growing among R.arboreum.The stems are semi-prostrate due to snowfall and hence the tree achieves a shrubby appearance like R.campanulatum. 
R.barbatum is usually found in narrow stretch in the temperate to sub-alpine zone in the transition zone of R.arboreum and R.campanulatum. It is found at Tungnath,Dhakuri, Khalia in Munsyari at around 2800-3000m altitudes.

One more photo showing the habit of Rhododendron barbatum.

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Though the fortnight is over, a mail by … prompted me to send the photo of flowering in Rhododendron barbatum which was missing in this episode.
This photograph is right from the place mentioned by … (Khaliya Top, Munsyari). Another photo shows rhodos in full bloom at timber line in the area.

A great sight to observe this

Wow! What a beauty!! Thanks … for sharing this beautiful landscape.

Thank you all for nice words. This visit last year was really fruitful with some good pics of these Rhodos in full bloom. Three Rhododdendrons (R.arboreum, R.barbatum and R.campanulatum can be seen in a single visit in this area near Munsyari, though a tough climb is needed to reach this place.





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A selection of images taken in the garden of my host after giving a lecture on Alpines of Kashmir.
This specimen, growing in “miniature” at present was obtained from a nursery which has closed-down, so no chance of discovering its provenance but is understood to be Rhododendron barbatum.
The long bristles at the base of the leaf-stalks, shape of its leaves etc. seem to fit satisfactorily the description in “Flowers of the Himalaya”.
These features DO NOT match well the postings under this species in eFI.
I am curious about the claim that the bristles “drop off”.  Perhaps this just applies to certain colonies – the species has been known from what is now Uttarakhand since the 19th Century but I thought it was not widespread, indeed rather restricted in its distribution here?
This needs looking into further as do the other inconsistencies in the characteristics.
I have never seen R.barbatum in flower in the wild.  I do recollect coming across the species in Nepal on my first visit in 1990 in September; the bristles were still in place!
I am surprised, if the “dropping off” was common-place that this was not known to Polunin & Stainton.  Perhaps this ONLY applies to populations in Uttarakhand?
According to “Flora of Bhutan, Vol 2 Part 1(1991)”, R.barbatum has elliptic-oblanceolate leaves – none of the 3 postings on eFI under this name have foliage which fits this description.
This flora says the petioles have spreading bristles, RARELY glabrous.
The undersides of the leaves are described as with a few dendroid hairs and stalked glands beneath (often almost glabrous).



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Location: Sandakphu, India
Date: 14 May 2018
Altitude: 11000 ft.
Habit : Wild
Is it possible to identify this flowerless Rhododendron sp. ??

It appears to be Rhododendron barbatum

Thank you … for the ID.
Rhododendron barbatum Wall. ex G. Don
Nepali Names : गुराँस  Guraans / चिमल Chimal / लाल चिमल Laal Chimal / कालो चिमल Kaalo Chimal




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Location: Sandakphu, India
Date: 13 May 2018
Altitude: 12000 ft.
Habit : Wild
ID for this Rhododendron sp. please !

Pl. check 

Yes …! Checked before posting.

Rhododendron barbatum ??

To me also appear close to images at Rhododendron barbatum Wall. ex G. Don

It is R. barbatum