Place, Altitude: Vaghbil, Thane … about 50 ft asl
Date, Time: 18 OCT 09 … 11:49am
Habitat: scrub vegetation near paddy field
Habit: erect herb; about 1 m high (not sure)
Only these views, with no adequate information of other aspects may not help in ID.

Pseudanthistiria heteroclita



Place, Altitude: along Amba Ghat … about 1446 ft asl
Date, Time: 20 DEC 10 … 04:57pm
Habitat: along trail on mountain slope
Habit: erect herb; about 1 – 2 m high

Just these two views with no information regarding other aspects may not help in ID.

Pseudanthistiria heteroclita





Identification of grass requested. : 6 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (2)
I am attaching 2 images of a grass species collected from high altitudes at Easternghats.
the plant is about 50 cm in height. 

Pseudanthistiria hirta

Thank you …, for your efforts, but the plant list or Gamble FPM has no such species, whether it has any synonyms. I am thankful to you if my doubt is clarified.

need free specimens for identification. interesting species for me  

A specimen was handed over to BSI Deccan circle for identification, they too could not, only 2 plants are located in the interior, if I could I will collect more

If I get free specimens of above grass (with inflorescence) then I could try for name. My tentative remark about grass is seems to be interesting species. 

Sorry, the species name was spelt wrongly. It is Pseudanthisthiria hispida.




The Plant List  Flora of China 

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