Koeleria argentea Griseb., Nachr. Königl. Ges. Wiss. Georg-Augusts-Univ. 3: 77 (1868) (syn: Calamagrostis koeleriiformis Roshev.Koeleria argentea var. nepalensis DominKoeleria enodis KengKoeleria hosseana DominKoeleria hosseana var. tafelii DominKoeleria litvinowii Domin ; Koeleria litvinowii subsp. argentea (Griseb.) S.M.Phillips & Z.L.Wu; Koeleria litvinowii var. tafelii (Domin) P.C.Kuo & Z.L.WuTrisetum litvinowii (Domin) Nevski; Trisetum litvinowii var. argenteum (Griseb.) Tzvelev; Trisetum litvinowii subsp. argenteum (Griseb.) Tzvelev);
Central Asia to Afghanistan and W. & Central China: Afghanistan, China North-Central, China South-Central, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, Mongolia, Pakistan, Qinghai, Tadzhikistan, Tibet, West Himalaya, Xinjiang as per POWO;


Grass photographed from Srinagar, Kashmir. Kindly help in ID.

probably Koeleria argentea

Thanks a lot … for ID

Only 2 sp. , Koeleria argentea Griseb. and Koeleria macrantha (Ledeb.) Schult. are recorded for Kashmir according to Plants of the Indian Himalayan Region and does not look like matching with any.



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