Malayalam Pottapullu


Annuals or perennials; culms to 60 cm high, tufted, geniculate, nodes glabrous. Leaves 5-10 x 0.1-0.2 cm, narrow, glabrous; sheath rounded, glabrous; ligule a row of hairs. Panicle 10-15 x 7 cm, lax; branches filiform, glabrous. Spikelets similar, 7-8 mm long, lanceolate, solitary, pedicelled; lower glume 4 x 0.5 mm, 1-nerved, glabrous; upper glume 7 x 0.5 mm, acuminate, 1-nerved, keeled; floret one; lemma 7-8 x 1 mm, lanceolate, 3-nerved, awned; awns 10-15 mm long; palea minute, hyaline; stamens 3; ovary elliptic; styles 2, free; stigma plumose.
Flowering and fruiting: June-December
Moist deciduous forests
India and Sri Lanka

07042013 for id request : Attachments (2).  2 posts by 2 authors.
Kindly validate the grass sp. photo attached herewith.
one of my send the same id. purpose.

Date: some time in 2009
Location: Jodhpur
Habitat: Wild
Habit: Grass.

Grass 1 is Aristida hystrix and Grass 2 is Cymbopogon caesius


Bastar 01:
ID please

April 22
Bastar, Chhattisgarh.

Any habit image?

Looks like a grass species. Post the habit picture as requested by … for proper ID.

Aristida hystrix

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