Eragrostis pilosa (L.) P.Beauv., Ess. Agrostogr. 71 1812. (syn: Catabrosa verticillata (Cav.) P.Beauv.; Eragrostis afghanica Gand.; Eragrostis amurensis Prob.; Eragrostis bagdadensis Boiss.; Eragrostis baguirmensis Chev.; Eragrostis baguirmiensis A.Chev.; Eragrostis bicolor Boiss. [Invalid]; Eragrostis bithynica Griseb. [Invalid]; Eragrostis collocarpa K.Schum.; Eragrostis damiensiana var. laxior Thell.; Eragrostis filiformis Link; Eragrostis gracilis Schrad.; Eragrostis gracilis Velen. [Illegitimate]; Eragrostis gracillima Hack.; Eragrostis imberbis (Franch.) Prob.; Eragrostis inberbis (Franch.) Prob.; Eragrostis indica (J.Koenig ex Rottler) Willd. ex Steud.; Eragrostis jeholensis Honda; Eragrostis linkii (Kunth) Steud.; Eragrostis multispicula Kitag.; Eragrostis petersii Trin.; Eragrostis pilosa var. amurensis (Prob.) Vorosch. ……..; Eragrostis punctata (L.) Link ex Steud.; Eragrostis senegalensis (Desv.) A.Chev. [Illegitimate]; Eragrostis tenuiflora Rupr. ex Steud.; Eragrostis verticillata (Cav.) P. Beauv.; Eragrostis verticillata (Cav.) Roem. & Schult.; Eragrostis verticillata Coss. & Lange .; Poa bohemica J.C.Mayer ex Mert. & W.D.J.Koch; Poa chilensis Steud. [Invalid]; Poa delicatior Steud.; Poa eragrostis Walter [Illegitimate]; Poa indica J.Koenig ex Rottler; Poa linkii Kunth; Poa mexicana Link [Illegitimate]; Poa pilosa L.; Poa pilosa Larrañaga .; Poa plumosa Schrad. [Invalid]; Poa poiretii Roem. & Schult.; Poa punctata L.f.; Poa punctata L.; Poa senegalensis Desv.; Poa tenella Pall. [Illegitimate]; Poa tenella Willd. (L. misappl. by) Pursh; Poa tenuiflora Steud. [Invalid]; Poa verticillata Cav.); 




Poaceae, Cyperaceae and Juncaceae Week: SMP4 Pune for ID : Attachments (3).  2 posts by 2 authors.

Trying to post some images with inadequate data. Hoping to get to near ID so that I can study further.

Eragrostis pilosathe whorled lower branches with pilose hairs at the junction are the identifying characters of this species.





Eragrostis pilosa (L.) P.Beauv. SN Oct 49 : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (2)
Eragrostis pilosa (L.) P.Beauv.
Radiating soft grass from Bangalore out skirt


Validation please : 7 posts by 2 authors. 2 images- 3 & 4 mb each.
Request for validation of Eragrostis pilosa from Bilaspur. Photographed in July 2020




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