Blooms of Bangalore : ArtyPlantz, the company I work at, is putting together an album of pictures of trees flowering in Bangalore. We are hoping to go on a walk soon and collect soon more to put ourselves, but in the meanwhile, if anybody wants to contribute to it, it would be amazing.
Here is the link to the album, which has a few photos now:
Here’s a blog that we wrote about why we are putting this together.

Thanks, …,
Your photgraphy is very unique. Pl. keep up the good work.
However, if you require photos etc, you can use mine from the link:

Thank you so much … I will use some of them. The work that you are doing is truly amazing. A whole-hearted thanks from our side. 🙂

I have done an album of the plants/trees seen in Lalbagh.
You can use those pictures if you want.
Will be adding many more taken last month.
I’m sorry I don’t know how to give the link here.

That’s wonderful … Thank you 🙂

Where would I be able to find the pictures? Are they on the efloraofindia site?



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