Plants from Cactus Garden: Cactus 8 for identity from Panchkula.. : Attachments (2).  5 posts by 3 authors.
Please identify the attached pictures which were shot from Panchkula…

That is gorgeous …,

I cannot tell if it is an Opuntia (flat pads), a Cylindropuntia (round joints) or some other type of Opuntia, but wonderful flowers and spines. Can your friend get a full shot of the plant?

Some images (2) of the same plant Shot by …

It is a Cylindropuntia …,

I do not know which species, I know it is not imbricata, they have a dark purple flower. Mine here are starting to straighten up after winter (still acting like winter, but the plants are reacting like it is spring). I hope to get some flowers this year.

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