Scirpus sp. photographed from banks of lake in Srinagar, Kashmir. Pl. help in ID

Pl. also check comparative images at Schoenoplectiella 

Have had a quick look at the most promising species according to Stewart (all under Scirpus in his day) but cannot readily match the photos taken by… with a species of Schoenoplectiella, Schoenoplectus or Bulboschoenus nor can justify any more time at this stage. Will return to scrutinise this family at a later date.
I am at the beginner stage with Cyperaceae. As Stewart rightly commented almost 50 years ago (covering the flora of Pakistan & Kashmir) “our sedges are a neglected group and much more collecting needs to be done to enable us to understand our taxa”. The family, like Poaceae (Gramineae) and Juncaceae remain neglected to this day.
My team of 3 collecting botanical specimens during the University of Southampton Ladakh Expedition, 1980 (my first visit to the region) collected grasses as well as families with showier flowers.  There were a number of first records or amongst the first records for Ladakh.  This was not because the explored in remote places (just along the main route in the Suru Valley as far as Rangdum) but others have paid no attention to grasses.
Are there any Cyperaceae specialists in India or abroad who are willing to comment on photos?  Specialists for some families/ genera require pressed specimens.

Thanks, …  … are helping us where ever possible.