Euryops chrysanthemoides (DC.) B.Nord., 365 1968. (Syn: Gamolepis chrysanthemoides DC.);

Euryops chrysanthemoides or African bush daisy is a small shrub native to Southern Africa that is also grown as a horticultural specimen in tropical to subtropical regions around the world.[1] It occurs in the Eastern Cape, along the coast and inland, to KwaZulu-Natal, Mpumalanga and Swaziland.  

It is usually found on forest edges, in riverine bush and in ravines, as well as in coastal scrub, grassland and disturbed areas. It is a compact, densely branched, leafy, evergreen shrub, 0.5 to 2m in height.  
The species was moved to Euryops from the genus Gamolepis on the basis of chromosome counts.[2]  
It is a ruderal weed in New South Wales, although it is not weedy in all places where it is cultivated or has naturalized.[3] 
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Euryops chrysanthemoides (DC.) B. Nord.

Syn: Gamolepis chrysanthemoides Dc.
Similar to the other species (E. bipinnatipartitus) but with green leaves and bracts, not grey-hairy.
Photographed from California

Sir, Very nice photographs. I too have seen this in Sunnyvale.

Picture taken in Fremont on 28/9/14.

Kindly validate.

Requesting to please ID this plant captured in a cultivated garden in Ooty in November 2013.

Could be Euryops species.

Thank you …  for feedback. Could this be Euryops chrysanthemoides?

efi page on  Euryops chrysanthemoides

This was also identified as E. chrysanthemoides on the FB group.



Request for ID of this angiosperm : 7 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (1)

Place: Garden near Bombay Shola, Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu

Date: 20/01/18

Seems to be Euryops Species.

Pl. check further at 

Will do. Thank you 🙂 

Appears to be Euryops chrysanthemoides (DC.) B.Nord. as per comparative images at Euryops

Bk0019_ornamental : 10 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (2) – 788 kb each.

Date: last week of July
elevation: 1300 
Habit: Cultivated 

Asteraceae member ….seems close to chrysanthemum with small flower …. but could not trace more closer…

Please send the photograph of the leaves for proper ID. it is not clear in your photos.

Thank you … here is the photo with focus on leaves..

Attachments (1)-959 kb. 

Euryops chrysanthemoides (DC.) B.Nord. !

It matches with the ID by …



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