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Euryops pinnatipartitus (DC.) B. Nord.
Syn: Euryops pectinatus Cass.; Gamolepis pectinata Less.
Shrub with softly white-pubescent leaves, deeply pinnatifid with linear lobes; heads 4-5 cm across, terminal on long peduncles, yellow, ray florets 12-15; involucre bracts white-hairy. 
Photographed from California.

Garden flowers seen in Nairobi, Kenya in January, 2009.
Cultivated, ornamental.
Had posted this too on our group earlier but there was no id confirmation.
I tried searching on the net and identified them.
Kindly correct me if wrong.

Thanks … You got my California plant also.

Should be Euryops bipinnatipartitus with grey hairy leaves and bracts


Request for ID : 250111 : AK-2: Taken at Nairobi, Kenya in January, 2009.
Is it Tithonia diversifolia?

I think this is not Tithonia diversifolia. I have doubts about Tithonia too. They are much bigger flowers as well as plants.

Yes not Tithonia diversifolia, which has much larger and broader lobed leaves. I have also photographed this plant from California, but not able to identify it yet.

Is it Euryops pectinatus by any chance or some Euryops?

Looks like 🙂

This is also Euryops bipinnatipartitus with silvery gray leaves and bracts (syn: Gamolepis pectinatus)


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