A small, ornamental, cultivated Cactus seen at the Bonsai, Bougainvillea & Cactus Show at Maharashtra Nature Park, Mumbai.

Pictures taken on the 31st of March,2013.
Id please.

This is Echinofossulocactus …,

Also called Stenocactus, I’m not sure of the species on this one. But does look a lot like my E. multicostatus v zacatecasensis.

Thanks to … for the id of this plant.
The correct name seems to be Stenocactus multicostatus ‘Zacatecasensis’ on searching.
Common names Wave Cactus, Brain Cactus.
Please correct me if wrong.

Yes This is Echinofossulocactus Also called Stenocactus multicostatus v zacatecasensis.



The Plant List  Cactus Art 

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